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TKM Bengard Farms goes above and beyond to ensure we exceed all federal, state and local food safety regulations. Third-party verification of our farming methods are performed on an annual basis.

TKM Bengard Farm’s
Commitment to Food Safety

Direct from the Farm to You…TKM Bengard Farms Standards are the Highest

Over the years, TKM Bengard Farms has built a reputation for providing safe, high quality produce to their customers. We fully understand the importance of maintaining a strong food safety program. Our growing, harvesting, and shipping teams take their responsibilities seriously.  We strive to not only meet, but also exceed the industry’s food safety standards.

Properly Grown and Properly Packed

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP’s) have been implemented on the farm. These guidelines cover employee’s hygiene, sanitation, and cross contamination prevention. Our food safety team is constantly training all of our employees on GAP’s inspecting all growing and harvesting operations to assure compliance. By being proactive, we are able to prevent food safety problems from occurring.

Properly Cooled

At Cypress Cooling, our pre-cooler facility, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) during our daily operations. These guidelines meet all food safety standards set by the government. Cold chain management is extremely important to preserving lettuce quality and safety. From the moment that our produce is received in, it is quickly vacuum cooled and then placed directly into our cold box. We have even pioneered the use of refrigerated trailers to prevent the harvested product from receiving wind and heat damage on the way to the pre-cooler.


Field and pre-cooler operations are continually being monitored by our in-house food safety team. Our trace back program is tested each growing season to make certain that our produce can be properly tracked to our customers. Additionally, we are audited annually by our customers and by independent 3rd party audit companies like NSF Davis Fresh and Primus Labs to confirm compliance.

Our Guarantee

We promise our customers an ongoing commitment to deliver only the safest and best quality produce. TKM Bengard Farms guarantees to provide all of the necessary resources needed to assure that our food safety plan surpasses its goals.